Renting your first apartment: tips and tricks

Renting your first apartment: tips and tricks
Renting your first apartment: tips and tricks

Renting your first apartment can be a stressful job and, most of the time it is not desirable at all. However, you have to do it at some point, especially if you want to become independent. Therefore, you need to face the real estate market, and the landlords along with it, and make the best decision you can to improve your living situation. How can you handle it easier? If you are looking for apartments Portland OR you can use some of the few tips and tricks listed below!

Determine your budget

The first and most important thing to do when you are looking to rent an apartment in Portland (or anywhere else for that matter) is to think about the budget. How much can you afford? Are you going to live alone or get a roommate? You should be careful to take costs such as bills and other expenses into consideration as well! In most cases the landlord will ask you to pay 3 or even 4 times the rent, so be prepared with some extra cash when you are signing the lease.

Choose the best apartment for your needs

After you have settled your budget is time to think of the apartment you want. Do you want it to be big or small? Which floor do you prefer? Do you want it modernly designed or can you settle for older furniture? These questions you must answer before you go hunting, but you do not have to forget about your budget. Certain facilities come at a certain price, so make sure you respect your budget.

Where do you search?

When it comes down to searching apartments, you have various options. The newest option and the best, especially for younger people, is searching online. There are various online real estate websites that will present apartments for rent in the region or neighborhood you want. You can also look for rentals on websites such as Craigslist. Also, spread the word and let people know you are searching. You never know who can help you!

Be the perfect renter

In order to make sure you will find the perfect rental for you, you should create the perfect renter profile. You can always organize a renter packet to take with you when you are visiting apartments. You may not realize it, but it can have immense value. Plus, you should show the landlord you are transparent, proactive and flexible so you can close the best deal. Another tip is to create a lovely renter card. Make sure you fill in your application with all the needed information, and also attach a Renter Card to it, that has contact information.


There are various things you can do to improve your rental search, but these should be the steps you start with. Good luck!