Decorate your rental apartment easily

Decorate your rental apartment easily
Decorate your rental apartment easily

Living in a rented apartment can sometimes be annoying or boring. You feel like you are not able to improve the place as you want to, or that you cannot bring any personal touches to it because is not really your place. That is not true! If you are one of those renters living in apartments Portland OR and you feel like your rental is not personal enough, you can easily decorate it by taking a few interesting tricks into consideration!

The “Gallery Display”

You can easily make your rental feel homier if you use floating shelves for the walls. You will be able to give any room a unique aspect and the greatest thing is they match with anything! You can instantly change the aspect of any room by using these simple, great shelves! Put anything you want on them to make the room look beautiful and stylish.

Painting much?

When you live in a rental, you may avoid painting the walls into any crazy colors. This is absolutely ok and recommended, but if you want to add a little more life to your rooms, you can use painting for the furniture. If you have any old piece of furniture that looks bad, do not throw it away, give it a new life! A bed frame or a nightstand painted in a crazy color is exactly what you need for a stylish touch!

Use the Open Storage!

If you need extra storage in the kitchen, you can easily use any industrial metal shelf. They do not look bad at all, and are also very practical when you have very little space to work with. You can also for baskets that have corral staples, and play with some decor touches to have some fun!

Floor Coverings

Floor coverings can cover any unstylish apartment floors if you use extra large rugs with great patterns or colors on them. You can also use smaller carpets if you are working on a budget. Try to match the rugs with the objects in the room for a great aspect!

Invent an Entry

If you live in a rented apartment that lacks any entry, you can invent one! Take a bookcase, remove the top shelves, and introduce hanging coats. You can also add a hook for umbrellas on the side. The drawers are perfect for storing things like sunglasses or mittens and the bottom shelves can easily hold baskets where you can store your shoes.

Use mirrors

Mirrors are great for smaller spaces because they make any room look bigger. Use mirrors to decorate the room. Choose a frame that fits with your décor, either minimalist, simple one in dark colors or a classic, golden one. You should put it across the window so it receives natural light directly and reflect it into the room.